The sustainability model

Snam Rete Gas regards sustainability as an integral part of its business model. Sustainability is a guiding principle in the formulation of the company’s strategic and operating decisions, and a lever to ensure sustainable growth in the long term, while simultaneously ensuring that the value it generates is shared with all its stakeholders.

The Company bases the day-to-day conduct of its activities on the principles set out by international bodies and conventions on the protection of human rights, employment and trade union rights, health, safety and environmental rights, repudiation of forced labour, child labour and any form of discrimination, and on conformity with values and principles concerning fairness, transparency and sustainable development. In order to give greater visibility to this commitment, the Company is a signatory to the “Global Compact. This international initiative upholds ten universal principles concerning human rights, employment, the environment and the fight against corruption, and brings together governments, businesses, United Nations agencies, labour organisations and civil associations, with the aim of contributing to the creation of a more inclusive and sustainable global economy.

Each year, Snam Rete Gas publishes the Sustainability Report, an important strategic control tool which examines the activities carried out from the point of view of economic efficiency and environmental and social protection, and sets out the performance indicators to which the company publicly commits itself and by which it is publicly judged.

To emphasise the importance of sustainable development themes, the board of directors plays a central role in formulating the policies, and approves the Sustainability Report at the same time as it approves the annual financial report.

The Company’s approach to sustainability aims firstly to identify all the actors with whom it interacts, who might influence or be influenced by the organisation’s activities, and secondly to understand the interests of each of those parties and the issues that are important to them, in order to involve them with specific action plans.

The sustainability management model of Snam Rete Gas is integrated into all phases of the business process (Planning, Management, Control, Reporting and Communication).

During the course of the year, with the issuing of the new “Sustainability Activities” Procedure, the model was also extended to the companies acquired in 2009 (Stogit and Italgas).

The activities envisaged by the model are coordinated by the Sustainability function, and are carried out in liaison with the various functions of Snam Rete Gas S.p.A. and its subsidiaries. The Sustainability objectives are pursued through specific short- and medium-term projects and initiatives approved by the top management and included in the company’s action plans.

The actions taken as a result of the identification of specific Areas for Improvement have enabled the name of Snam Rete Gas to be featured repeatedly in the principal ethical indices such as the Dow Jones Sustainability Index World, the FTSE4Good Europe Index, the FTSE4Good Global Index and the ECPI Ethical Index Euro.

The Ethical Codes of the various companies of the Group remain the fundamental tools for guiding people’s conduct and for responsibly managing relations with stakeholders.